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Hello, I am looking for advice regarding a lien which appears on my home's title. A little background: A number of years ago ('08/'09), I was sued for judgments by a creditor. There were two judgments issued. I settled one in 2010 with the assistance of a debt settlement company. I received a 1099-c for the second account at the end of 2011. The judgments no longer appear on my credit report, and the accounts have long since shown up on my credit report. I recently tried to get a home equity loan, and liens were placed on the title to our home. I contacted the county court and found the judgments are still open. I contacted the creditor and have been told that for one account I need to contact the 3rd party that bought the debt way back (that's the account I settled), and for the other account (which I received a 1099-c for almost 6 years ago) the creditor stated that I could offer a settlement proposal.
They charged off the debt, issued me a 1099-c, I included that in my tax filing for that year.
For the settled account, the creditor didn't seem to know much about it, that I would need to contact the 3rd party. The original creditor is who brought the judgment lawsuit.
What advice can I get about getting the liens removed.
Thank you.

Do you have any document to prove that you have settled the account?

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You have to prove that the first judgment has been paid off. Try to find out the documents or talk to the lender. Secondly, settle down the 2nd judgment and make sure you keep the documents or ask the lender to update your account as "judgment is settled or satisfied". Thus, you will avoid this kind of trouble in the future.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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I also think the same. You have to provide documents. Get them anyhow.

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Of course, you must provide necessary documents to prove that the first judgment has been paid off. Also what Patricia suggested you earlier regarding the 2nd judgment.

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