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While looking at my credit report I noticed an entry from Meade & Associates. I sent them a validation letter and received an answer in writing today with a copy of a check that was submitted to a local grocery store in the amount of $120 back in 2016. The check had a home address where I had never lived and was drawn on a bank in another state where I have never lived or worked . The name on the check is using the same last name as my maiden name, I've been married since 1991, the first name on the check is a shortened version of my first name, and the signature is no way near my signature. Can someone give me guidance on how to proceed now that I have their validation information which is incorrect. Which letter do I send now?

You need to dispute it with the credit bureau with any proof supporting your letter. You can also file a complaint with the CFPB if you don't get any result.

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Mabelle Page Mabelle Page

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I was going to contact the fraud department of the bank that the check was drawn on to see if they have any information as to who opened this account (definitely not me). Also, I was going to send a certified letter to Meade & Associates informing them that this is definitely not my debt as well as disputing it on my credit report. My identity was stolen back around 2016 There were breaches in the government database.

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Just went over my all three of the credit reporting agencies. I was mistaken. It is not on my credit report it was a call that I received. I will be following this through with the bank that the account was opened on because I do not want to be charged with passing a bad check and also sending a certified letter to Meade letting them know that the debt is not mine.

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Thank you for the letter. I did contact the bank and the representative that I spoke with said that they have no record of an account being opened with that name, address, or even that account number. She stated that she believes that the check was "just made up" by whoever passed it and would send it through to their fraud department yesterday. I am waiting on a letter/email of some sort from the bank fraud department. She said that she contacted Meade but could not get any information from them. So I will send the cease and desist and see what happens next. Will keep you all informed for anyone else that this may happen to.

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Yes, you are on the right way. You should send a cease and desist letter to the company. You are not supposed to pay a penny.

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Correct. Do what you have decided. Contact the bank immediately. Send a Cease and Desist letter to Meade & Associates and let them know that you're not paying a penny to them. Here is the sample letter: https://communi

Letter is useless. A simple letter denying ownership of the check. A copy of your DL with the number blacked out. Tell them you want one reply letter confirming removal of any negative info on any and all credit bureaus

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