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This is my first time posting so bear with me. I recently reached a compromise with National Debt Relief to reduce my monthly payments due to a hardship. Within the same week I notice an early charge for that agreed upon amount plus an extra 98 cents (for the sake of being specific). When I look, the charge isn't from National Debt Relief but directly from Capital One, the only and last NDR settled account. It is listed as a phone payment. Capital One didn't have that account information. National Debt Relief did. I was able to handle the situation with my bank but they are perplexed on how Capital One could have gotten my account information. Taking a shot in the dark here. Has anyone else had this happen to them? I spoke to a senior representative at NDR who promised to look into the situation exactly a month ago. They had a meeting about my account last week sometime. He seems agitated when I politely called in asking for updates. He wrote his response and I haven't heard from NDR over the phone in 1 month.

I haven't worked with NDR. So I didn't know they do something like this. It's unfortunately. It seems all they are bothered about is milking money. NDR is accountable to you. They should give you proper updates about your account. Since they have dealt with Capital One, they should have all the information.

You should register a complaint against them with the BBB.

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Good idea and I do plan on reporting them to the BBB. I also want to report them to the FTC for mishandling personal information. I just haven't been sure who to report: NDR or Capital One. You're right though. NDR has all my info and should already know exactly what happened.

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This is why the consumers should research on the authenticity of the debt relief company before signing up for the service

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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Are we talking about selling personal data and information here???? Man this could be a headline for NDR!!

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Phil Bradford Phil Bradford

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I did. They have an A+ on BBB and are the 2nd or 3rd highest rated debt relief company in the USA. Rats can exist in seemingly clean places.

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mss8127 mss8127

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Yes I believe they sold my personal information. They're now performing the routine move of delaying the situation as long as possible to keep me from finding out what they did. Be warned people. This is one of the highest rated debt relief companies that exists. Imagine what a company of lesser reputation will do.

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mss8127 mss8127

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One of the worst debt relief companies ever.... They mess up most of the accounts they handle!!!! Sue them straightaway!!!

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Phil Bradford Phil Bradford

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You should never entrust a company to consolidate your debts. You disburse money every month to there trust account and rely upon them to do the right thing. The creditors don't wait years for there money. You should try settle bank debt. No trust account and they have your best interest at heart. You will get a debt consultant to guide you through the process and there fees are the lowest in the industry.

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