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One Click Cash harass with nasty phone calls – How to stop them?

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Has anyone dealt with this company One Click Cash payday loan my husband took out a loan and is terminally ill and I have paid the money back in payments and this woman MRs.Ragsdale is nasty calling me telling me I owe 200.00 more which makes the loan over 200.00 of what is owed.

This is the same company that was formerly known as Preferred Cash. Their address is

one click cash address:
2533 N Carson St, Ste 5024
Carson City, NV 89706

Ask the lady to show you an itemized statement of this account. If she is coming up with an amount, there needs to be a written record of it. Do have it from them in writing. Have you reviewed all your payments made towards this loan? If you have paid the full amount including interests, you won't have to pay anything further till you are given proof of the balance owed. You should send letters to them putting your request. It will be also good if you can keep a follow up over the phone.

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curlycarl curlycarl

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One Click Cash payday loan is not licensed to loan money in any state from the research that I have done. I am currently paying them back through my debt consolidation program so they have not bothered me. I know they have harassed others. Consider filing a complaint with the consumer protection office in Nevada as well as your state. Also file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

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Cow & Chicken Cow & Chicken

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In reference to one-click cash were did you find the info about not being licensed I received 4 calls yesterday from Mrs. Ragsdale with One Click I needed to call her today or they would serve papers on my husband. I have not called her back but big deal lady you got over what my husband owed. He is terminal and can't even communicate with her. What should I do.

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I'm sorry to hear about your husband being harassed by One click cash. I know this situation can't help your family in any way right now. First of all, they aren't going to serve papers on you or your husband. This is a common threat used by online payday lenders. I've heard it all before. You can check with your state's department or division of financial institutions to see if they are licensed to loan money in your state. They claim to be from Nevada and they are not licensed their either. Keep us updated.

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Cow & Chicken Cow & Chicken

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I 100% agree with Mishele. One trick to try and it has been successul with me is tell one click cash that they are not licensed to loan money in your state. They will argue that they are, but tell them you have been in contact with the financial institution in your state and this information has been varified.

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Not so Lucky Not so Lucky

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Also, don't let this woman of One Click Cash threaten you. It irritates me when these companies try to pull this kind of thing. Keep everything documented in case you need to file a complaint down the line. You may want to consider registering with the forum. It's a great place to get advice and it's free to register. I have been coming here for two months and it's pretty much saved my butt.

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Cow & Chicken Cow & Chicken

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I have paid the money back in payments

If you have the documents of this payment to one click cash, no one can harass you. Have you received any acknowledgment of the payment made? It could help you at this stage.

However, if they continue to call you for more money; call the consumer protection office of your region and ask for their help.

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stanley stanley

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for One Click Cash and ameriloan so I can pay them off.

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i currently have a loan with one click cash and they set up for me to send them money gram payments. i'm still considering but also looking into debt consolidations but as far being harrassed i haven't been harrassed yet *knock on wood* by one click or any other pdl.

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identity_crisis04 identity_crisis04

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I have an existing loan with One Click Cash also....I was going through my loan document and found their fax number and the real name.

Preferred Cash Loans dba One Click Cash
Phone: 800-230-3266
Fax: 800-803-9136

Email I have (do not know if bounces back or not in the process of sending letter to them since my loan is overpaid and I reside in OH. From the information I have learned and gathered from this boad they are not registered at all).

Email: customerservice(at)

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Mamasita21 Mamasita21

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