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Is settlement advisable if I can repay some of my accounts in full?

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Is there any sure shot formula to convince my creditors to agree for settlement? I can repay some of debt in full but I prefer to setle. I have read about settlement. Will it be good?

Well, the trick is, you have to make creditors believe that you're in financial hardship. Give some excuses like medical emergencies or income loss. You can also hire a debt settlement company to do the negotiation part. They are good at negotiations. Just remember, your credit score will drop if you settle some of your debts. What is your credit score?

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Nick Jonas Nick Jonas

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You need to meet your creditors in person to describe your financial hardship. You should be honest in describing your poor financial situation for this you couldn't make the monthly payments. They may believe in you and approach for a better solution.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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