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If other valuable items of personal property were in the car at the time of the repossession, can the creditor keep the items or resell them to satisfy the debt?

Usually you will be allowed to retreive your personal belongings out of the vehicle once it is repossessed, but you have to go to where ever it's being stored. I would contact the finance company and find out where it's at so you can get your stuff.

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Yes you are allowed to only collect your belongings and you will probably be escorted to the vehicle by on of their employees and only you will be allowed in the lot. My sister used to work for a towing company and that is how they handled these things.

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They only have a lien on the car ... not your other personal property ... so no, they cannot keep anything left inside the vehicle.

(HOWEVER, they CAN keep any "permanent fixtures" or accessions that you added to the car ... like in-dash CD player or rims, for example).

They generally have to give you the option to pickup your personal property. Like others have said, they will probably escort you to make sure you don't have an extra set of keys and try to drive away with the car.

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