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Bella Financial or Superior Debt Services - Whom to work with?

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I was in touch with two debit companies today one was Bella Financial out of Dallas TX, the other was Superior Debt Services in OK. Superior Debt Services offered credit repair help after you pay off your debt. Both companies charged 15% of the total debt as their fee and they said they could reduce my debt to only 40% of what I owe.

Have you all heard of either of these companies, Bella Financial and Superior and if so what do you think, they both invited me to look at their links on the BBB.

Too bad maybe but you do not get a Desist & Refrain Order and kicked out of a state the size of California if you are doing your job right, also stating that senior citizens are being taken advantage of, and then to have 56 complaints with the Dallas BBB that is what i believe when i read all of the complaints about this outfit.

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I've had a great experience with a Debt Settlement company so far. I'm with Superior, and they've settled 7 of my 9 accounts in about a year and a half. I have no complaints at all. They have a great track record, and super customer service. However, I had done a lot of research going in - not only the company, but the debt settlement process itself, so I was prepared for the bad as well as the good. It's a bumpy ride. You have to expect some scares. I've received three summons so far, and been able to work through them and settle before the court dates, with Superior's help. That said, I do think that most Debt Settlement companies are scams. You have to take a lot of time, and put in a lot of effort, into finding the good ones. I live in a small, rural area and I still hear radio ads all the time for these fly-by-night companies that are springing up right and left that offer to settle your debt for pennies on the dollar. It scares me how many people make that call and sign up right away before they actually know anything the process OR the company. SO, I'm glad posters on this site are getting the bad news out too. I only wish more people would read it before they made their decisions.

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SusieQ SusieQ

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I don't know who the GUEST is from above that is worried about who has helped who, since you are obviously talking about those that have been screwed. I am talking about what I saw and experienced first hand. There are some underhanded people out there. While you are sitting back and possibly working for Mike Hauser, or you might be a Mike Hauser yourself, your concern should be for those who are concerned. Those that have strories to tell about how things things went are probably 1 in a million. I am not trying to be a backstabber, I am real and I will tell it like it is. Like I said and I repeat, WRONG IS WRONG! If you don't think so, wait until you reap anything in your life that you have sowed. What goes around, does come back around, so do heed this warning.

AND FYI....Believe what you read.........looks like you read 7 pages of nothing but disappointment & people that have had money taken from them. What else are you waiting to read to believe? Why do you think people would take time out to express WARNINGS to others, for it to be UNBELIEVEABLE? Actually, if these blogs don't pertain to you, why would you read 7 pages worth to post, seriously? I take offense, sorry you would probably be a GREAT candidate for Bella, they are hiring, why don't you call them.

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The only way to get these people is to CALL or FILE a COMPLAINT by MAIL or ONLINE with the TEXAS ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE

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There is not 7 pages of different people with complaints. There are 7 pages of the same people with nothing better to do then to complain about something. I am sure the company has a good number of clients which would mean the 56 complaints you are speaking about on the BBB in 36 months is a very small percentage. Maybe the problem is you people and not the company.

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Chrys Henderson Chrys Henderson

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OH HEY......YOU'RE BACK TO GET SCHOOLED AGAIN. Okay, ahead of time I will tell you that you DID read through 7 pages, and you concluded with your opinion. It seems extremely obvious that you have nothing better to do than to READ-genius. Again, I KNOW THE PROBLEM WAS NOT ME. Since you took what I said personal, that further lets me know that you work for Mike Hauser. Get over yourself, whomever you are, I have better things to do with my life than to STEAL money from people for whatever reason the Hauser crew saw fit to do so. May I REPEAT, the turn around has been high since he has been in business-so reality check is IT WAS NOT ME. You are clueless and have now become so beneath me. Obviously you're rich right?-----riiiight. IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT-GO TO ANOTHER WEBSITE, DON'T READ IT! If there were 107 pgs. I would say the exact same thing, so would the others & since you have nothing better to do you would read all 107 pages and reply. Be blessed......

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I agree with what was just written. I feel that a person that worked there saw first hand how much of a scam they are.

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How true when ex employees are saying what really goes on that is coming right from the horses mouth, I do not think anyone needs anymore imformation than that to convince them on who they would use to help themselves get ahead.

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Too bad the people that debt settlement compaines have helped aren't here telling their story. Don't always believe what you read.

Speaking of Bella & M. Hauser, how about if it is the State of California slapping a Desist & Refrain order on them forbidding them to do business in California? (See the link I posted above)

How about if it's from a State (New York) Attorney General's Office? "Only a small number of consumers who enroll in debt settlement plans are able to complete them." I'm sure there were plenty of people who reported being cured by snake-oil, too. Luck of the draw.

If you are a legitimate business then there is no reason to lie and deceive people just to grab a dollar somehow.

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Chrys Henderson Chrys Henderson

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