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I found out netPDL is an illegal payday loan in te state of TN. This is what I sent them
I need an email contact for you. This serves as notice that all communication must go through email. I have been legally informed that this is an illegal loan in my state of TN. Which means I am only responsible for principal and not fees and interest. My original loan was for $200 and I\'ve paid $550. Instead of a refund for overpayment I want my account marked paid in full and closed. I also am revoking all ACH from this company.

And this was their reply. How should I respond to this?

All enquiries and contact to customer service needs to be made via the Help Center ticketing system, as you have used here - we do not use email. All messages received will be addressed and responded to in a prompt manner. Please refer to your copy of the Loan Agreement - the loan was not funded from, nor are we located in, the State of Tennessee. Under the terms of the Agreement you agreed to make payments by ACH until the loan balance was satisfied in full, in accordance with that contract. If necessary, we will make all reasonable attempts to make contact with you to organize and obtain payment of all amounts due and payable to enable the loan agreement to be satisfied, as per the original terms. Thanks, Customer Service

First step, you need to inform your bank about revoking the ACH as well. That would completely stop them from taking money out of your account. Having done that, send them a reply stating that you have already informed your state's AG and filed a complaint with their office as well as with the FTC. Marking your account as PIF would be appreciated but in case netPDL does not wish to do so, you do not care.

It really does not matter if they mark your account PIF or otherwise. You are going to receive calls from bottomfeeding CAs soon enough, trying to collect on this account. When the calls start coming in, Ignore them and send them a C&D letter via CMRRR.

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Steve Barris Steve Barris

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This is what I sent them

I received your response. This is to let you know that any calls to my personal phone and place of employment must cease and desist. I will communicate through this process only. ACH has been revoked. I understand what the terms where but because I am a resident of TN Internet payday loans are illegal and rollovers are not permitted. Since I have paid more than the original loan back I will not ask for a refund if my account I marked paid in full and closed. Also through legal advice I was informed you are not licensed in the state if TN.

And this was their response this morning.

The loan cannot be marked as paid in full as there is a balance owed, however, the loan has been suspended as a goodwill gesture. Customer Service

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I had also sent the same email to huskhawk and the same day they sold me debt to a third party collection company called NCA (National Collection Agency). I told them the same thing I told huskhawk and Net PDL and they said they will only want the original principal of 250 even though I have paid a fee of 79 every two weeks and paid out over 500. They said I have until monday to let them know how I want to pay or they will be taking my case to civil court. So I am not sure what to do there.

Also, is western sky legal? After I took a loan with them they sold it to CashCall. I have sent emails to Mobiloans, plain green, great plains, twinbluffs, netpdl, and bottom dollar all marked the account closed with no trouble. Only huskhawk has caused an issue.

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Western Sky/Cash Call's scam is illegal as it was originated by WS a tribal lender not licensed to issue loans anywhere in the US. The FTC and various state attorney generals have pending litigation against them. Follow the instructions in "dealing with illegal lenders" and make sure when you revoke ACH with them you also add the language to revoke any wage garnishments you may have signed. They will report on your credit report and eventually the account will be turned over to Delbert Services which is a collection agency owned by Cash Call. They are illegal and they know it. There MO is to harass you, scare you and hold your credit report hostage in the hopes you will cave and pay this illegal loan. Hold tight with them until they agree to your terms of paying back the principal - if you haven't already. Once you revoke the ACH you will start to receive offers from Cash Call to modify your agreement, etc. but make sure to never sign anything with them because it will obligate you to Cash Call at that point and not Western Sky -- their wording is to get you to agree that you owe CC, which at this point you don't as they are only supposedly the "loan servicer", which we all know is a bunch of BS. Hope this helps!

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momofthree27 momofthree27

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Where do I find the information on dealing with illegal lenders?

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jenarnold jenarnold

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Go through this thread and follow every instruction: th-illegallende...

There is enough information here on dealing with illegal PDLs.

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Steve Barris Steve Barris

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Being looking for netpdl for months to repay my 200.00 dollar loan cant' find them need help. netpdl is braking me. need the loan stoped,

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Have you gone thru their website????

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