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I found out recently when I went to rent a condo that I am blacklisted on a company called Saferent. It is something landlords use to weed out potentially risky tenants. I called and found out that they have me listed as being evicted 7 years ago. I was never evicted. I paid my rent late and they filed a notice but I paid and all was okay. I moved years ago and never had this problem until now.

Saferent??? Never heard of it. You MAY want to ask ( maybe?) your Repersentative in your area. that's a 'new one' on me. Sorry I couldn't help more.

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Hi Sherie,

Saferent is a screening provider. Basically they provide the eviction judgments filed by landlords through the court. It is frustrating to find that you have a hit on your record so as part of federal regulations, you are entitled to know what records were transmitted resulting in adverse action from the condo. You may want to ask the owner or mgmt company for an adverse action letter with contact information for your free report - if they cannot provide, then contact Saferent for further instructions. Once you obtain your background results, you will see the information that was held against you, if it is in fact your record, and move forward to prove satisfactory payment (through receipts, payment stubs, etc).

Hope this helps.

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I found a hit on my record with them from 6 years ago. i asked for a reinvestigation and sent them a court order dismissing the eviction and a letter from the former landlord to no avail. Once they have you on the list, you are there permanently, even if you clear every thing up.

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