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Hi again. I was finally contacted today by Superior debt relief and they explained how their consolidation program works but didn't offer any other options for me. To be fair though, I don't know if there are any other options to offer really, I just know that I'm not really on board with the idea of trashing my credit for 3 years to make it better in the end.

I was especially not thrilled to find out that SDR can't help me with my biggest credit card problem-AMEX Blue and the 30% interest rate they are screwing me with because I was late with my payment by 4 days twice. Apparently AMEX business accounts will not cooperate with any consolidation company in any way, at any time, so I am SOL and they are a nasty bunch of sharks. :twisted:

So, anybody have experience with this SDR company? If I'm going to have such limited choices, I'd like to hear how they worked with other people.

Thanks everybody!

Oh btw, once I get the AMEX paid off I am closing my account. I've had an AMEX card since 1988 and they still didn't hesitate to nail me right between the eyes. :x

How much is the total amount of your debt? Depending upon the total amount, you need to decide whether you want to go for a settlement plan or a consolidation will do good.

Amex is very hard in accepting proposals, especially from any settlement company or a consolidation company. They want to get their money in full. Settlement companies will hit the proposals with lower payments. They don't like that.

But I know Amex often works with the people directly. Can you make the proposals directly to Amex?

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PassionHunting PassionHunting

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Few members here are working with Superior debt relief and they are quite happy with them. You will find their posts in these links. 4.html 0.html

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BuildingWealth BuildingWealth

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I just signed with Superior last week. They had the best plan for my circumstances.

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Mary Ann Mary Ann

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Superior debt relief has a good business feedback since quite some time. They are unlike the other settlement companies who are not able to get consumers accounts 'settled' and dupe customers in the middle. Mary, I will pray for your success and hope the program gets over on a happy note.

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IncredibleHelp IncredibleHelp

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Thank you Incredible Help, if it wasn't for all the positive reinforcement & good words I find here, I don't know if I would have come this far. Thankyou thankyou all of you

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Mary Ann Mary Ann

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Thanks for the feedback on Superior debt relief everybody. It's good too know that they are both legit and well thought of.

I have gotten a promise of some help from family now which will go to knock off the AMEX debt. (That will feel really great) That should lower my total consolidation loan amount but I'm still leery of the 3 years-with-my-credit-score-in-the-dumper so I'm still deciding how best to handle all this.

I talked to a different company today with a better payment and shorter time frame. (put it in a separate post) Just have to see how they check out with all you guys in the forum before I make up my mind. :D

I'm just determined to clean up this mess that I made and have it hurt enough to help me remember not to do it EVER again!! I appreciate the advice I'm getting and I am SOOOOO happy to have found this place.

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phrogg2 phrogg2

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I'm glad to hear things are starting work out for you a little bit. I have never dealt with Amex myself but I am working with Superior Debt Services as my debt settlement company. I highly recommend them but I also know that this is not the choice for everybody. It took me three months to sign with them because I wanted to explore all of my options. I also had to dig myself out of my pdl mess since they didn't deal with those companies. My hubby has signed with them as well, well we signed together but he had to back out because his was mostly secured debt. He was able to sign up with our local CCCS office as they helped with the secure debt so we are on the road to recovery. Keep us updated on your progress. Mary Ann, how are things going for you?

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Cow & Chicken Cow & Chicken

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I recently signed up with Fidelity Reserves. They sounded very convincing over the phone but it is a scary step to take. They do not give you any consolation while you are dealing with your debtors until they are paid off. Has anyone tried this company and if so what is your input?

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Have you looked up the company on the BBB website for their rating there? I have never heard of them myself but maybe others can put in more feedback on them. Good luck to you :)

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Cow & Chicken Cow & Chicken

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It doesn't make good business sense to offer a settlement of credit card debt based on the total debt, just because everyone talks about it this way. It makes sense to negotiate based upon your risk to the creditor, for example, what can they take? If you life in a state like PA, they cannot garnish your wages. File a two simple forms with the state and you can avoid them taking your cash and putting a lien on your home also.

I'm sure all of us can think of much better uses for our cash than paying a whopping 50% when you could legally pay 0% and invest your cash and have something to show for it later. Duh.

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