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Hi, has anyone wrote to CR to offer settlement with the original Creditor ??
I want to settle my CR cards acc with Amex, BOA and Wamu but not sure where to send them. There are no address for them under Do it yourself in this forum. Pls help. Thank you !!

You should be able to get the addresses from your credit reports or if you have old statemnets. If not....Google is your friend!

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Simply call up their 1-800 number on the back of your credit card and you will be transferred to the collections department handling your accounts. How delinquent are your accounts? Best time to settle is about five months delinquent! Amex will be the harder one to settle, BoFa and Wamu should if you negotiate smartly give you the better savings.

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doityourselfdebtsettlemen doityourselfdebtsettlemen

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I signed up w/ the Settlement Co in June after i've done some research here and then I heard abt bad things abt him in this forum after I paid my retainer fee and never heard anything back after that. I thought of trying to do it myself since I'm afraid to sign up w/ another Settlement Co but i prefer to write since i'm not sure what to say to the CR co and i'm not a good talker. I wrote one time to them to the monthly billing payment address to Wamu,Amex, BOA but never heard from them. Not sure if they're the right address to send the offer.
I have not paid my Cr cards since March since the Settlement Co told me not to pay them.
Thanks for your help. . I really appreciate it.

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