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Hello. What is the SOL for credit card debt in Ill

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Hello. What is the SOL for credit card debt in Illinois? When the SOL is up how should I start to get my credit reports cleaned up?
I had 5 credit cards and made my last payments in January 2007. Six months later I paid one off for 25% with Bank of America and 40% with a collector. I have letters from both stating they are settled.
Two others took me to court and were Dismissed WITHOUT Prejudice due to lack of records.
I haven't received any letters from the fifth card in over 3 years.
For years I have received 0-4 calls each day from blocked phone numbers and other numbers I Googled to find out are know collectors. I never answer any of the calls.
Thank you.

the SOL for credit cards is 4 yrs.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Thanks for the reply.

Can anyone tell me what I should do concerning my credit report?

Should I try to have removed the 2 debts that were settled for a percentage by sending copies of the settlement letters to the credit agencies?

Should I (can I) contest the 2 debts that were dismissed without prejudice over a year ago?

How would knowledgable and proactive person handle a situation as described in my original post?


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DWalters7676 DWalters7676

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