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Is there any company that can help me with consolidation and settlement?

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Is there any organization that can help me with consolidation and settlement? I have 5 debts but I can’t repay all of them. I have heard about consolidation and settlement though I don’t know it 100%. I can repay the outstanding balance of some but not all of them. Need help to solve this debt problem.
How to decide, when should I go for a company? How to choose?

You have 3 options actually.

1. You can consolidate all the debts at a low interest and repay them between 2 and 5 years through an affordable repayment plan.
2. You can settle debts and bring down the outstanding balance by 50%.
3. You consolidate 2 debts and settle the remaining 3 as per your convenience.

Since you don't have adequate knowledge on settlement and consolidation, so I would suggest you to work with a professional debt relief company.

Sharing with you a few tips to choose a good debt relief company.


1. Check out the fee structure of the company and find out if it's reasonable.
2. Check out the accreditation of the debt relief company.
3. Go through the reviews of the company. Find out if the customers are happy with the services of the company.

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Nick Jonas Nick Jonas

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Before you choose a debt relief company, make sure it's a genuine one. Check whether or not the company is accredited by Better Business Bureau. Besides, you can check the rating and the reviews of the folks who have got debt relief from that company.
You will get the help of the financial advisors of that company. They will guide you by making a full assessment of your finances and the debts you have. And based on that, they might suggest you whether you need to go for debt consolidation or debt settlement!

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Craigh.terry Craigh.terry

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Good Nelly Good Nelly
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Follow the link provided by the Good Nelly. You can also enrol in DMP to get assistance about your debt problems.

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