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So I was served papers for a CC debt from a few yrs ago. I honestly forgot to go to the court appearances 2x's to "Prove up". Anyway made it the 3rd time. I was called to up to the Judge. He says your being sued from midland funding for 1900. I say, OK and ?????
He was very nice but I am like so what do you want ? (not in those words) He asks me do you have an answer ? I was like a answer to what ? What am I supposed to say ? So then the bailiff ran up with a paper saying Judge he needs to fill out an answer and turn it in. I read it am like WTH does this mean. He said go fill it out and answer it. They are suing you for 1900. Go answer it and we (the court I assume) can get that lowered.

So my question is I go back in Jan for another hearing. What is going to happen ? Any insight of what I am to do ?

Unless you have a defense, midland will get their judgement. And do not expect a lower amount.

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If Midland Funding get a judgment against you, then they can garnish your wages or place a lien on your property. So it would be better for you to try to settle with them outside the court.

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in texas they can't garnish,or put a lien on anything.they can levy their bank read the entire thread next time will you!

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