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An entry called TABANK, in Schaumburg Illinois showed up on my credit report as an "open revolving charge account that was oppened Dec/1998. I have no idea who this is and am going to write to the address on the report and ask that it be closed. This type of thing causes what they cause excessive credit or gives you the impression that you could charge up to the credit limit if you wanted to. Do you recognize who it is?

i looked and cant find this bank anywhere on yahoo or google.i have never heard of them but maybe someone else has.

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it's TransAmerica Bank. hope that helps ;)

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What is the phone number to get a hold of transamerica bank?

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On a recent credit report, it showed an open account for edited - nd. We have NO idea of what this account is for. Please email us an answer as to this.. We do not want our credit in jeopardy on this matter. have posted on an open forum. Keep checking back for an answer.

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TABank (Transamerica Bank) - Here is a toll free voice mail line to inquire: 800.830.1624. Leave a message and they will call you within 24-48 hrs. Or you can write to 1900 East Golf Rd, Ste 1105, Shaumburg IL 60176. Hope this helps!

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Account # 50736391

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Account # 50736391,payment?

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Thank you for your information about TransAmerica Bank. Unfortunately they are located in Delaware (only) and the listed TA Bank is listed as a company in Illinios.
The multiple reports by TA Bank are in error and have nothing to do with TransAmericaBank.
I have never done business with either Bank, but my credit falsley reports an active account with TA Bank. ???

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