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This company called Asset Care Inc. Has been on my credit making charges and they are not even registered as a legit co. How do I go about having these several charges taken off my TRW for my score was 680 now it's 550 and poor. I'm very sickly and I'm in the hospital frequently but tonight I felt the need to check my credit and I was in shock at what I found..I was also victim of credit fraud 2 yrs ago and called every government official that they told me to when my purse was swollen. This company has many charges just this year and I have not tried to purchase any credit in a year...I appreciate any help with this matter any thing after Sept 2015 on credit not paid is Fraud charges and I did make police report..Thank you

Send a debt validation letter to Asset Care via certified mail. Did you impose a fraud alert on your credit report? Did you inform the credit card company after the incident happened?

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You need to inform the credit reporting agencies about the fraud. Dp this as soon as possible. Also, contact the concerned credit card company to notify about the fraud.

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I agree with SC, use a debt validation letter and ask Asset Care to validate the debts. You would've place a fraud alert on your credit report , one call to any of the three credit bureaus will be enough to place your fraud alert.

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