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Couple days ago a process server called my work with a private number wanting to talk to my supervisor, when I ask what was this about ? He wanted to know if there's any procedure to find someone to serve in person ? I answered not that I know of you can just ask somebody here and they'll help you find that person. Then he mentioned my name and said good bye and hang up... When do they normally come to my work or how do I set up a place and time to be served if I don't have his number or is this a scare tactics ? I'm already on a debt consolidation program..

Process servers usually don't call ahead to serve.. the whole point to the surprise of being served is so -- hey they can serve you!! I would check with the debt consolidation program and see if anyone you have on it refused to work with them and turned over to some collection.. before you hung up you should have said you are never allowed to contact this person at their place of employment..

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