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These are all companies I have dealt with before and had paid off loans in full. I became a gambling addict and took out loans with the same companies all over again (and kept 3 I already had) To make matters worse I have subsequently been laid off from my job and am now collecting disability. My income is $2500 less that it used to be per month. Some of the loans I have were taken out after I had been laid off but I had stated that all their old information was correct which technically it was not true.
Some of these are loans I have taken out and have not made any payments on yet. I have no assets (due to gambling I have lost everything) I have cut back everything I can ie no cable, no landline, no entertainment. I also support a son in college.
I do not even have enough money to pay rent, utilities, medical insurance etc. I am currently attending GA meetings and have had myself blocked from the local casinos and online
I have not yet defaulted on anything but that will happen this month

Here's the list:

Ace $4500 (originally $5k)
Speedy Cash $3k (originally $2600 I have no made any payments on this new loan)
Cash Central $2500 (originally $2600)
Rise Credit $4k (originally $5k)
American Web Loan $800 (no payments made)
Target Finance $1k (originally $700)
Rolling Plains Cash $1200 originally $800)
North Cash $1k (originally $800 no payments made)
Avant Credit $6500 (originally $7k)
Lending Club $6600 (originally $9175)

Credit cards:

Credit One $1100
First Premiere $800
Merrick $500
Capital One $2800
Barclaycard $3000
Legacy $400

Title Loan with Check n Go
$5k (originally $5200)

My ex husband and I had a previous bankruptcy in Feb 2012 so that is not an option

Any help greatly appreciated

You can file chapter 13 4 years after the filing date of a chapter 7

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