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I just recently found out I have a debt from 6 years ago with a Housing Authority. It is from an apartment I lived in apparently I owe them money for paint and stuff or what not which the collection agency didn't tell me that because they don't know what it is for all they can tell me as a company name. I have offered to pay the collection agency a monthly agreement but they will not give me any receipts or any documentation of this information. I need a letter from them in order to move into my new apartment which I'm currently getting help with Section 8 housing. Went to my old apartment 6 years ago an offer to pay them back but they told me I was no longer in the system to pay the debt collection agency which is NCC business company. I told him I will not pay unless they can give me some kind of receipt letter which I need. If I don't get a receipt be able to move into my apartment and I will be homeless I don't know what to do

Have you given any time frame to them for replying ?

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