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My girlfriend has three judgments against her; one for about $4,700, one for about $16,100 and one for about $2,800. I am trying to negotiate with the creditors who are now attorney officers that purchased the debts. I have two questions;

1. Is there a certain percentage of debt that these types of judgments normally can be settled for (i.e. 25%, 50%, etc.)? My girlfriend has no job and so there is no money for them to take. Do you feel if I hold out that I should be able to get them to negotiate down and take a partial payment from us to satisfy the full judgment?

2. One of the creditors/attorneys is requesting that we send in a completed “financial statement”. This financial statement is asking for income, expenses, and assets (etc.). I have read that I should never send in a form like this to a creditor. Do you agree? Should I NOT send them this financial statement and only send in a letter stating what we are willing to pay in exchange for them considering the debt paid in full?

If you are able to help it would be very much appreciated – THANK YOU! I also know these are somewhat detailed questions so if you can only offer some general thoughts and not dive into the details I completely understand.

Thanks and happy Holidays!

It will be better if you consult an attorney

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Just do what you can. I would not recommend sending them personal information, just information on income and wealth that you can use to pay off the debt. I have never gotten a judgement before but you are always the one in control. You can only pay what you are willing to. They cannot force you to pay an amount when you do not have the money in the first place. Paying off debt feels good, though.

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