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Hello, My ex-wife and I apparently missed a home owners association payment ($100) a year and a half ago and I'm now stuck dealing with a collection agency demanding a payment of $4,000 for late fees, excessive "contact" fees, etc. I wasn't aware of the debt or the lien placed against my home until about a week ago when I attempted to refinance and my loan agent noticed the debt.

Long story short, I'm active duty military currently stationed in Texas and haven't lived in the home since mid 2010. The HOA has changed hands multiple times and for some reason this particular group is the first I've had any issues with. Issues ranging from checks being cashed and not noted, to payments not being received and no apparent contact attempts being made. In the scenario listed above the HOA didn't provide the debt collectors with our current address or contact information.

What options do I have now? I spoke with the base JAG, but since we're out of state and the collectors haven't attempted to foreclose on the home yet, their advice is fairly limited outside of speaking with a local lawyer (Georgia) and trying to fight or get the debt knocked down.

I would suggest you to consult an attorney

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Have you thought of calling the HOA to negotiate and explain the situtiation with them? Have they proven to you that you missed the payment???

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A messy situation.

Do one thing. Ask the CA to validate the debt first. You have to get rid of this debt anyhow. Let's see what the CA replies.

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