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I will try to be quick. Purchased home in WA from wells fargo with 1st being fixed rate, second being a HELOC used as purchase money.
We were very quickly transferred for work to Oregon. We were completely current with both house payments for five years. But soon was impossible since we were now paying rent in Oregon as well as WA mortgage.
Tried to apply for short sale, but HELOC would not agree. They wanted to be payed in full (aprox $55,000) to agree to sign off lein since we had become deliquint. Keep in mind wells fargo employees suggested this delinquintcy to prove hardship to better our chances of being approved for short sale.
So now 1st is forclosing and HELOC is saying they are going to garnish my husbands wages. This is awful for us considering we are a one income family with two special needs children. I can't work.
And due to nature of my husbands occupation...bankruptcy is not really an option.
Any insights or suggestions would be soooo helpful for a freaked out stay at hoem mommy.

The HELOC can come after you and your husband in order to recover their dues in full. You and your husband should try to negotiate with them so that they offer you a reduced payment plan in order to pay off the mortgage or forgive the balance dues. However, it will be the discretion of the lender as to whether or not he will consider your request.

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Anna Sweeting Anna Sweeting

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thanks Anna. Are we in a better position to settle/negotiate before or after the first forecloses on our house? Scheduled aution date is april 22nd?

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