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Can I consolidate or settle balance transfer card?

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I took a balance transfer card from Amex about 2 years back. I transferred debts from my other credit card. However, I couldn't repay the entire balance within the low rate period. Interest accumulated on remaining amount. Also, I bought few items using that card. Can I opt for consolidation or settlement? Will any debt relief company help?

Hi, my dear friend!

I have read your scenario thoroughly and I think debt settlement is the best solution for you. You have said your balance payment is still due and it has accrued a high-interest rate now. You have bought a few items too on that credit card.
So, in my opinion, debt settlement will help you to reduce your outstanding balance and make it a much lower amount than before.
You may call 800-DEBT-913 or search to get further assistance.

I hope I have given you a satisfactory answer. Feel free to post your other queries here.

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Ryan Miller Ryan Miller

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Oops! You made a big blunder! You should have paid off the debt long back. Anyway, let's focus on the current scenario right now? You can consolidate your debts even now. But don't take out a balance transfer credit card again. Rather, you can enroll in a debt consolidation program to consolidate debts and pay them off. And, another point. You shouldn't have made any purchase with the balance transfer card. There is yet another option for you. You can chat live with our counselors for free debt counseling and assistance.

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Nick Jonas Nick Jonas

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You should have checked once. Might be the new purchase things are charged at different interest rate. Even if within low rate period, the new purchase accrues different interest rate.
Therefore, it is required to read the T&C carefully.
In your present position, talk to a consolidation and/or settlement company and repay your debts asap. Then, start managing your finances efficiently.

Sub: #3 posted on Thu, 03/05/2020 - 23:58

Mabelle Page Mabelle Page

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