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Hello, everyone! I know that each case is a different one... But I am so confused in what to do... I have 40k in unsecure cc... I don't know if I pick debt consolidation, debt settlement or BK... I current do not have any late payment... but I can't do the minimun payments anymore... I s/w A Debt Consolidation company and I would have to come out at least with almost a $1000.00 in order to make the monthly payments... I current don't know how... even though I have already applied for a part time jobe... The Debt Settlement I don't know how it would work because I am scared to talk with the company... and BK I would just file to be able to keep my house... Please let me know your experience and what have worked for you guy.I also have been reading that is able for we settle on our own... What I need to do??? Thanks a lot for your help...

We are in the same situation here. I just joined this forum a few days ago. Check and they have some info about these various programs. I thought of doing BK at first but then as of now, I might decide to go with debt settlement. Just browse this forum and I know you will also be able to find lots of information here and soon, we will both find the solutions to our situations.

Good luck.

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