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James Lombardo was the director of operations for a USOBA accredited company in fact, the first fully accredited company wit USOBA for 2 years straight before any other company could pass USOBA's compliance audit. James also served as the "Co-Chairperson" of the USOBA Standards Committee responsible for drafting the requirements for USOBA's Accreditation Program. -This information was provided to me by the Director of Operations for USOBA.

Where are all the USOBA supporters who were so adiment that USOBA was a stamp of Lombardo was the friggin co-chair of "Standards Committee"!

People need to remember that so-called legitimate trade organizations are in many cases run by crooks looking to either gain control of or game the market!

That may be true . Perhaps he did help write the rules and help USOBA. That doesn't mean that USOBA is bad because James is a scum bag and went against the rules he helped write. That is like stereotyping that all catholic priests are bad because some did some bad things to kids. I am sure that USOBA revoked his membership and James will get his some day.

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Grow up Diego. You have no clue what you are talking about. All you are doing is posting negative accusations that you can`t back. Sounds to me like you need to either get a hobby or a girlfriend.

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