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Money is the most sought-after item in the present era. It needs careful handling otherwise one might be in deep financial mismanagement. Money is an asset that can protect you from a lot of emergencies in life. Thus proper handling of money is required in order to live a hassle free and peaceful life.

Spending your money wisely is an important part of managing your finances. For effective money management, you need to compare prices, find the best products and learn your rights as a consumer. Practice these habits and you will stay away from debts.

If you have ever thought, "How could I have spent so much?" this is a must read for you. We want to make you aware of the basics of selling so that you are a smarter person while shopping.

We want to make you a smart consumer so that you always stay debt free. We believe sales to be an honorable profession. But it can be so manipulative and misleading. Not only the salespersons but also the advertisers, promoters or any professional might want to sale something to you which you might not really need.

You spend money when someone "sells" you something directly or indirectly. Sometimes in this process you may waste your money if you are not careful. But did you know that basic sales training includes the understanding that selling is nothing more than an emotional transference from the salesperson to the consumer. For example, the ancient sales line "Sell the sizzle, not the steak" speaks volumes. Good sellers know that most purchases are based upon emotion, not logic.

Therefore, well trained sales people will tell you features but sell you benefits which are the emotional hooks they have uncovered. They will "feed" your emotional needs once known or they will assume generic needs if not known. All marketing, imaging, packaging, displaying, selling, advertising and everything else to get the consumer to buy, is based upon evoking emotion and uses the same principle in various forms.

This is the A-I-D-A format:

  • A-Attention.....Get their attention;
  • I-Interest.....Develop interest;
  • D-Desire.....Create desire;
  • A-Action....Get the customer to take an action.

Very often you are tempted to buy the latest consumer goods without being aware of your affordability. That might lead to severe debt problems, since you are unable to pay them back. Wrong calculations and extravagant spending may lead you towards debt problems.

Once you are in debts you will need expert's help to come out of it. The process to free you from debts is debt consolidation packages. It not only frees you from debts but also guides you to restore your finance and credit.

I wish to purchase a vehicle for $35,000. I have $...
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I wish to purchase a vehicle for $35,000. I have $7,000 available for a deposit.Within the next five months I will reveive $25,000 from an inheritance.I wish to purchase this car now. What is the most economical form of financing available to me whereby the car is paid off when I receive this inheritance.

Hi George

Welcome to the forums. It's nice that you are buying a new car for yourself. Before you do that, I will suggest you to do an extensive research in the car market and know the best financing option provided by the each lender.

Since your lenders will be evaluating your credit report, it is suggested to check your credit report for any mistakes that could prevent you from getting a loan or might make you pay higher interest rates. After you have a clean credit report from discrepancies, you will be able to shop and negotiate for loans in a fair way.

It is necessary to compare the sources that will be extending credit to you. You can acquire loans from any local car dealer, a local bank, credit unions, online (including national banks or newer cyber-banks), or friends and family. Comparison is a must because it will help you to figure out the facts and the risk factors before taking a loan.

It is necessary to evaluate your loan terms and identify the lenders which can determine the differences in the rates and fees.


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