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how much can the irs take from my tax refund

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I have recently started a rehabilatation program with GC services(2 months). My pending balance is $6778. My tax refund wil be $7456 are they going to take all my refund if not, then how much will they take. Also should i wait till my nine months of rehabilatation is over or should i go ahead and file my taxes now?

You need to talk to GC services to find out if you on the taxoff set list. Or call Department of the Treasury at 1800-304-3107

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This varies from case to case... call this program you're in and find out.

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It depends how long you've been in default. If the loan was placed with them late last year then there is a good chance your not certified for the IRS to take it. If the loan has been in default for 6 months or longer then there is a good chance they will take your refund check. Once your certified then thats good for life until the loan is out of collections. They will still take your refund check if your certified even though you're making voluntary payments. If certified wait about 60 days after you come out of default to file. If the IRS owes you money you dont need to file an ext.

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