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Wage Garnishment/Changing Jobs and Moving out of State Before Then

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Quick question:

I received a letter claiming I will be garnished in 30 days from my present employer, I owe 1410 on a federal loan, and they are going to take out 15 percent. The thing is, i'm moving 1500 miles away, out of state, working a new job. Will they have to send me another letter of an intent to garnish; will they be able to find me? Any help is much appreciated.

Re-read your letter. The 30 day garnishment notice gives you the opportunity to enter into repayment to avoid the garnishment. Take the opportunity now. And yes, they will find your new employment pretty quick...all they have to do is cross reference federal data bases like taxes withheld from your payroll check.

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Thank you very much! What should I expect/be able to negotiate in a payment plan?

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You are entitled to reasonable and affordable payments. They will take a full financial statement and may request proof of bills. It can be quite flexible if you are cooperative. You also may want to look into the William D Ford Direct Loan Consolidation. Look at the stickies in this forum.

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