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First of all, I have no clue what I am doing when it comes to all this loan stuff.

I have a Sallie Mae loan for college, but somehow I ended up paying $100 a month for my first semester and $200 a month in my second semester even though I chose to defer all my payments. They essentially screwed me over and refused to fix it. During school my boyfriend paid for it but come summer, he wasn't able to and my grandmother, who cosigned for the loan, had to pay for it all summer. (I owe her almost $800 now..)

Anyways, I am going into my second year and looking at loans and I have decided to consolidate my sallie mae loan and defer all my payments or drop it down to like $25 a month. Preferably I would like to defer it completely since I may or may not get a job during the school year.

What are my options? I have read that sallie mae won't consolidate anymore so do I have to get my loans for this year through wells fargo or another lender?

Please help me. I really have no clue what I am doing and I need to get rid of these payments and I want to get away from Sallie Mae as much as possible because of them refusing to help a poor college student with something that they messed up on.

You have a private loan with sallie mae...there is no such thing as a $25 payment. Unless you have absolutely pristine credit, you wont be consolidating it either. As it stands right now, sallie mae no longer consolidates private loans...Wells Fargo is about the only consolidator on the market.

You need to pay attention to what you are borrowing. You need to know the difference between a federal loan and a private loan or you will end up in a big defaulted mess.

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