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Private Student Loan Cosigner has passed away

Submitted by on Mon, 02/25/2013 - 22:39
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In 2007, my grandmother consigned a $13,000 private student loan with me through American Education Services. I make the payment every month. AES isn't the greatest to work with. My grandmother passed away in January 2013 and now my mom (her daughter) is afraid that AES will call the note due and make her estate pay it, even though I am also on the loan and make the payment each month. The loan is serviced through AES but funded by Citibank. I called AES to find out what I should do in this situation and they said it would be up. To the lender (Citibank) to decide if I take sole responsibility of the loan or if they will ask that my grandmothers estate pay the loan in full.

On Friday, my mom received a letter from "Phillips & Cohen Associates LTD Limited" with an address of 1004 Justion Street in Wilmington, Delaware. I looked it up and it is a debt collector. My grandmother had no debts that could've been in collections. Could this be regarding the student loan? I can't find anything on the website or Internet to verify or deny what it is regarding. The letter has been given to my grandmothers estate lawyer.

Any suggestions on what to do?

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