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Private student loan defaulted to guarantor

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I am in college and thought (mistakenly) that my Citibank student loan was in deferment. It wasn't. It defaulted to the guarantor, Arrowood Indemnity/Tuitiongard, under Sunrise Credit Services. They insist that it be paid in full (about $5000 that I don't have). I called Citibank and they said that there was no way they could reverse the claim because they can only do that once for the life of the loan, and they did it once in 2008 when I had been out of work for about a year. My dad cosigned for the original loan from Citibank, so Sunrise is calling/mailing him as well. Has anyone had any experience with them or know of a way I can make payments instead of paying in full? Do they have some kind of hardship program? I am a single parent and my son has a disability that prevents me from being able to work a lot. I don't even make enough money to cover my bills/basic necessities right now. Sunrise is saying that the next step would be that it will be escalated to their legal department and they would go after my dad's assets. I can't let this happen. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Unfortunately this is how private loans do not have the payment options that federal loans offer. They may accept payments but they will still end up suing both of you. Talk to your father about getting this paid off asap.

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See if you and your father can liquidate some assets and consolidate your finances in an effort to repay the loan. There is nothing much else you can do.

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