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My daughter received maybe $200,000 in student loan

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My daughter received maybe $200,000 in student loans over 8 years. She is bi-polar and she might not be unable to hold down a job that would allow her the amount of money that she would need to pay that back. She hasn't applied for SSI yet. Does a disabled person have to pay back a student loan?

Sorry to know about your daughter's condition. Have you consulted a psychiatrist for your daughter because there are really good medicines for the bipolar patients. I can even suggest you some doctors if you need help.

Coming back to your main question. Read what Jay Fleischman (a top-notch student loan lawyer) has said about this issue recently:

A borrower can be discharged from his or her obligation to repay a Direct Loan, FFEL Program loan, or Federal Perkins Loan Program loan, or complete a TEACH Grant service obligation due to total and permanent disability.

Your daughter needs to prove that she is totally and permanently disabled.

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David Martin David Martin

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Yes, it's called Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Discharge. It is applicable for federal student loan only.

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tiarajoseph11 tiarajoseph11

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There are federal grants for disabled people to discharge the student loan. Search on the internet to get detailed information regarding it.

No there are not....quit giving out incorrecct info.

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