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Dear Forum,

I ask you kindly to help me somehow in this matter.

Less than one month ago I enrolled for a distance learning course consisting of four A level subjects. Every month I have to pay $400. The whole course is one year. I paid for July only.
My life circumstances have changed unpredictably. And now I'm not able to pay for the whole course. That is why I decided to drop it. I wrote them several times asking for cancellation (not refund or money back). The only response was: 'You are no longer within our 7 day cancellation period'.

Please have a look at their cancellation policy.
'Should this payment not be received within 21 days from the aforementioned due date then you will be in breach of contract and the full amount owing for the Course will become due for immediate payment.'
'For the avoidance of any doubt, should you wish to discontinue with the Course at any time then the full amount for the Course will still be due as you have entered into a legally binding contract to pay the Course fees in full and any additional fees where appropriate.'
And the last response I got from them: 'I would like to inform you that should you fail to meet the Terms and Conditions of the college with regard to your instalment plan your debt will be sent to an external debt recovery agency.'

I understand that I should have read all this before I paid. I simply never thought there may have been such a cancellation policy (or a complete lack of it).

The college itself is based in the UK. I stay outside of the US or the UK.
It's essential for me to drop this course. But what about that external debt recovery agency? Will they visit my home to take something away in case I stop putting money on the card? Or should I expect Interpol by the door? What do I have to do?

I'm sorry to bother you with my problems.
And I appreciate every effort made by you to help me.

We really can't advise you on debt other than U.S. debt. Try finding a forum that deals with debt in your country.


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