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I have read the forums...but still do not understand what process I need to take concerning my enormous debt to so many student loans, I want to do the consolodate and pay appox 100 per month until the 25 year of write off occurs. I have only had a job for 3 months now, and have recently found out i have a cancer tumor in my back and severe spine damage which is going to put me out of my new job and in the bed and recovery for months. According to doctor...I have a long road ahead of me...for the type of cancer I have will most likely return. I am 25 and fixing to have to move back in with my parents, I am embarrassed but at end of my rope. My medical bills already take up what I am earning. Here are the ones I owe. I do not want this to become a burden to my family more that what they are already about to go through with my health
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Advice needed

I have very little knowledge about how student loans function so I will leave the finer details of the answer up to our resident student loan expert, Soaplady.

As far as I know, you can consolidate your federal loans and opt for IBR.

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Thanks for your time....I hope soaplady posts soon. My time is short, before I am down from surgeries.:confused:

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I forgot to mention... I do not know what IBR stands for and hoping someone can lay it out like to a recommend best places to obtain consolodation....and will that even be an option since eveything is now delinquent that I owe.

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