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Wage Garnishment / Consolidating my loans

Submitted by patjamesgregory on Mon, 01/28/2013 - 10:49

I have been having my wages garnished for the past 6 months and would like to try and fix this problem. I have been looking online to see if I could consolidate my loans and haven't found a straight answer. I have around $29,000 in student loans. Can I consolidate my student loans that are in garnishment?

I applied for student loan consolidation here:

I just don't want to wait around if there answer is for sure NO.

Would love any input given!


Steve ...please do not offer advise since you obviously do not have any working knowledge of student loans.

When you are in default, you have no other option than to be in the ICR replayment plan...that is a requirement. The loans in garnishment will probably be an issue. Normally loans in garnishment cannot be consolidated...some lender will agree to lift the garnishment for consolidation, others will not. Talk them them. The normal path for loans is garnishment is to rehab them first and then pursue consolidation.

Submitted by SOAPLADY on Tue, 01/29/2013 - 06:02


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You would possibly need to rehab the loan first. You will qualify for PAYE Plan only if your loan is not a Direct PLUS for parents. On top of that, you would need to prove partial financial hardship wherein your monthly repayment amount under the 10 year Standard Repayment plan is greater than the monthly amount you would need to pay under the PAYE plan. You must also be a new borrower as of October, 2007. FFELs do not usually qualify for the PAYE plan either. All this is just what I know. You should wait for Soaplady to answer this thread. She is the forums resident student loan expert.

Submitted by Steve Barris on Mon, 01/28/2013 - 20:00

Steve Barris

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