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Hello all,

I am currently in a dual program (JD and Master’s in Public Administration). This is the first time in my educational career that I needed to accept loans. In my undergraduate I received grants and scholarships to pay for school. Last year, I accepted Grad Plus loans and unsubsidized direct loans. I have three years left of grad school. I am currently in a contemplating on accepting either the grad plus loan or unsubsidized direct loan or only one. The program is 15,000 all year.

What do you recommend I do to minimize the cost of loans? I want to accept only part of the loans, but I am unsure which loan to choose?

Thank you very much.

Borrow unsubsidized direct loans. The interest rates on Graduate PLUS loans are higher than unsubs.

Mod note. Sub and unsub loans have a cap as to how much you can borrow. Use the unsub portion first and then supplement it with the grad plus loans.

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