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Recieved a letter stated that their a law firm collectig a debt for my SL which is through NCT for $20thousand+ and states that call them could result in recieving a significant savings by settling this matter for a reduced amount. My loans is in default and is a private loan which was through chase but is now serviced by NCT is this real and what should I do?
Ive been approched before and settlement amounts were to me not realistic and they were un willing to do pymt plan for settlement amounts.
Help want to pay my student loans but not able to make the unreasonable pymts they are offering.

Also when trying to contact NTC they keep refering me to the collection
company rather than work somthing out with me themselves why is this.

Sorry to say but since it's a private loan, you're pretty much screwed. You can only work with the collection agency now and you better call them and figure something out. If you don't they will sue you and then you will really be up a creek

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