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Loan servicer has incorrect enrollment status...

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Great Lakes, my loan servicing company, incorrectly states that I am expected to remain in school until 2019. I have no idea where they got that idea (not from me!). My graduate classes ended at end of July 2012, and I will officially graduate in December, 2012, though I have finished all my classes. I'm not even sure when, then, I am officially "unenrolled" by their definition.

Do i have a legal responsibility to inform the loan servicer of their error? Is it in my best interests to do so regardless of any legal liability? Does my school automatically notify them anyway (in reality or in theory?)

Thank you for any guidance you can provide.

Your school will notify them of separation or graduation. Dont worry about it.

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I guess I'll just give up on planning for repayment for now. The bureaucracy moves in mysterious, slooowwww ways. With deferments, perhaps I have 10 months before repayment starts?

years ago, I had a college student loan that was a freaking nightmare. they got everything wrong, every semester, and wanted to fine me for their errors. they literally couldn't manage to retain my mailing address for 6 months at a time. this on top of my not knowing that i had a student loan until collectors started calling in my second semester. my parents, bless their pointy heads, had faked my signature on the loan documents and not informed me of the loan; the servicer "lost" my address and thought I had graduated every semester, so sent me to collections over and over again. i was definitely caught in some kind of racket. it was such a bad experience that eventually went into worse debt just to insure i wouldn't have to deal with them ever again. the payoff for my sanity was worth it. i sure hope this round of funding goes better.

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