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I have had GC Services calling me about a student loan, twice a day for quite some time, leaving voicemails etc, and I never answer or call them back. The last payment I made on the loans was a very long time ago, 3+ years. I owe I think $60k or so. The loan(s) are/were through Sallie Mae. I cannot afford to make payments on the loans, unless it is very small amounts like 100-200 dollars a month. I am very afraid of wages being garnished, and frankly surprised it has not happened yet.

What are my options? What should I do?

Is this a federal or private loan???

Right now by my calculations your interest is well in excess of $300 per month. If this is a federal loan, look at consolidating them ASAP. See the stickies at the top of this section.

You cannot ignore this. With federal loans, they can garnish you without a court order.

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