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Does anyone have a number for Allied interetate collections agency that handles student loan collections for Florida Dept of Education? My wages are still being garnished after an agreement was made with Dept of Ed & my employer is sending money to Allied but it is not being credited to my student loan. I need to find out where they are submitting payment. Thanks for any help.

Dont understand a couple of things here....why was your agreement not made with Allied? Normally to stop a garnishment you have to go thru the agency that is administering the garnishment. When did you make the agreement? You refer to Florida Department of Ed and then Department of Ed...they are two very different organizations. Florida Department of Ed is a FFELP lender...Department of Ed is the Feds.

I can assure you your payments ARE being sent to the agency that Allied is garnishing for. You may not be seeing much a reduction in your balance as your payments go to collection fees first, then past due interest, then finally principal.

Allied contact information....

Allied Interstate, Inc.
P. O. Box 26190
Minneapolis, MN 55426
(800) 715-0395

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