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School says that 2 years ago, I was overpaid in student aid.I requested debt validation and they sent me a list of charges. One of the charges listed was for Direct unsub and sub. loan. Neither one of these charges are shown on the national student loan data systems for students nor on the loan service site (nelnet). I asked where the charges come from and I have yet to receive a solid answer. As a matter of fact, I have received 3 different answers. I pay any debts that I come to owe, but I refuse to pay anything that I do not owe. I added up the charges and they do not match what is show in the nslds system.

I understand your situation completely. Don't make any payments to them unless you get a definite answer. You've no liability to pay anything that you actually don't owe.

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Who is trying to collect on the loan?

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The school

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Sounds like your loans were returned and now you owe the school

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How does that happen?

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