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Defaulting on a private student loan, need advice.

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I am a resident of Canada and have a private student loan in the state of NC. The loan is pretty big - $100k+. I am very close to defaulting on my loan and the lender as done as much as they can to help. My questions are:

Can they garnish my wages in Canada?
Can they report to credit bureaus in Canada?
I have a small company that has a bank account in the US, can they seize that account?
One of my company's clients is US-based, can they garnish the amount he pays to my company?

I am not a US citizen or a Canadian citizen. I live as a permanent resident in Canada.

Any help will be appreciated.

There is an agreement between the US and Canada that allows a judgment in the US to be domesticated in Canada. So, yes, they could end up garnishing your wages in canada. Did you have a cosignor on these loans???

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