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My paycheck was just garnished for $422 for defaulting on my student loans. Is there any way to stop the wage garnishing? Can you negotiate a new payment once garnishing has begun??

I should have added that my account is with Pioneer Recovery in NY. I tried calling them tonight but was waiting for someone to actually answer and after 40 minutes I hung up.

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You would have received a notice in the past 60 days or so warning you of the garnishment.....did you not answer it?? Why were you not paying on your loans? The $422 is 15% of your disposable pay and by my calculations you are earning reasonably good money.

Depending on the guarnator, you may be able to appeal but it will take some time. You will have to provide a full financial statement of income and expenses for your entire household including spouses income if applicable. They will take into account rent/mortgage,utilties, car expenses, day care etc. You will have to prove that the garnishment is a financial hardship. When I was collecting we did not take credit card debt into account but we were fairly liberal with reasonable living expenses.

Most collection agencies are not open on Friday nights and if they are, very small staff. Friday nights is not a very good night for contacts. You might wanna try them this morning.

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