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Hello everyone,
I have a question regarding unpaid tuition that I haven't seemed to be able to find the answer to just yet. I attended a Cal State school in Fall of 2004. I registered for classes for Spring, but i never attended. I never heard anything about it until a few months ago when a CA sent a letter to my moms house. After dealing with it for a while, and trying to get the school to drop the charges, they decided not to.

I was on the verge of paying the CA, when I told them I would only pay if I got in writing that they would delete it off my credit report if it were to ever show up. (it hadn't yet)
after a long cat and mouse of them not being able to provide that letter in writing, one of the managers told me that they do not even report to the bureaus for this particular Cal State. After reading the policies and prcedures offered on the school website, I found that after the account reaches 120 days plus past due, it is assigned to a CA. Then, after the debt is deemed uncollectible... "For accounts that are over $1,000 aggregate value (including all amounts due the University), the University may request discharge from accountability of uncollectible amounts due from private entities."

It doesn't say anywhere on this website that it will negatively affect my credit. Do I have any incentive to pay this debt? If I ignore it, in what ways can it come back to haunt me?

Edit: Sorry, I forgot to mention, I did not take out a loan for either of these semesters. all that happened the first semester was I enrolled, and my mom paid the tuition with a credit card. I never even filled out a FAFSA. Hope this helps.

Cal State is a public school, thus you owe a public debt to the state of California. It has no SOL and will never go away. State schools do use franchaise tax board to collect past due school debts and if left to long, they will sue you and add additional costs. In registering for school, you agreed to "all collection costs" and that includes collection fees, legal and court fees.

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