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Student Loans, Wage Garnishment, Job Change

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Some information about my situation:

I am currently having my wages garnished to repay about $15k in student loans.

I am about to change jobs, and understand that my wages will eventually get re-garnished when the creditor gets information about my new job.

I am willing to set up a payment/rehabilitation plan if garnishments aren't renewed, but I cannot pay off the entire amount at this time.

My questions/concerns:

If I set up a payment/rehab plan, can the creditor still initiate the wage garnishment once they receive the information about my new job? How likely are they to re-initiate the garnishment if they know I am willing to fulfill a rehab plan?

Do I have any other options? Any recommendations?

You are under a garnishment order so it will continue as soon as they get your new employer info. It wont take long to catch up to you.

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