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I emailed a copy of the C&D letter posted elsewhere in this forum to Oneclick cash. I enclosed a copy of the laws in the State Of Maine. Which states that any loan made outside of the state must abide with the the rules of the State Of Maine
I also closed that account with Bank Of America and opened a new one with the same bank. They were extremely helpful and assured me that no ACH activities would be transferred to my new account. They put the reason for closing the account was due to theft and fraud, therefor assuring me that the account was totally closed and secure.
I have not heard a peep from Oneclick Cash and when I checked my account online it stated that the account was closed and no further information was available. It's been several weeks now.
I hope this can help someone else. It can be done and the nightmare ended with the help of this forum and the people involved.

Yay for you!!!

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