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Well, I just got a letter from AALLC, in response to my Oregon Department of justice complaint against them.

They had placed a collection account on my wife's' credit, which we did not find out about until we went to a non profit that helps prospective home buyers. They NEVER contacted us prior to my sending them debt Validation letters. Neither did Chase Bank (who purchased the debt from WaMu, and reported a collection on her credit as well), or Washington Mutual (the alleged "OC). My wife maintained that she had never had a Washington Mutual credit card, as their report alleges. Long story short, after 3 DV letters and 2 responses from them using their own in house invoice as "Debt Validation", (with the final DV letter giving them a 10 day ultimatum to either remove the account from her credit, or I would report them to the FTC and OR DOJ), they closed the account. Per their response to my final DV letter (mailed the exact same day as their certified receipt of my letter) , after "a recent fraud investigation," they were closing the account and removing the trade lines.

In their response to myself and the DOJ, the account owner requested the account be closed and returned to them, due to fraud.

Now I shall add insult to their injury and make sure the DOJ goes after them for attempting to collect from me when they are not licensed in my state to do so. Not sure if I should contact my attorney over this, since they have finally relented and removed all of the information. I don't know if they violated the FDCPA or FCRA, and I'm not sure i want to pay an attorney to tell me that I don't have a case. However I am reveling in the fact that i delivered a kick to their proverbial junk, and cleaned up 2 collections accounts in the process.

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