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Just settled last 2 Chase accounts, total Bal 23K settled at .196%....:D

Did you settle with chase directly or with their collector IC systems? How far were you from charge off. Sorry for the questions just trying to see what I can hopefully look forward to.

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Great job maggie22. Give us some juicy details!!!

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Hey Maggie share the details with all!!!

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My neighbor just settle with Chase for 35% @ 180 days! First he was offer 45% at 120 days but he didn't have 45%. Nothing been offer on my Citbank card @ for 150 days :(

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It was direct with Chase, right around 180 days...Started with a % 15 and stuck with that...They actually will try to make it work when you're closer to charge off, especially at or near the end of the month...

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maggie22 maggie22

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Maggie so happy for you! I have $24,000. with Citibank and hope I can settle soon. Had cancer and TG I will live but can not longer work. Hoping in March they will make me a offer since I shall be around 180 days. Looks like Chase is more eager to settle. I had my debt with chase but transfer to cititbank awhile back to get a better interest rate.
Crazy thing I help my neighbor with his letters etc to chase since he a older man and was having a lot of health problems too. Now he's done and can relax. Hope my turn will come soon!

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Maggie did you write letters or call them directly? You kept saiding 15%??? I bet very happy when they offer .19.

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Didn't write any letters, I don't think they really care to read that stuff. Took their calls when I could, and just let them know the $ had run out. They really push the make a payment thing but that's their job, to get people back on the payment treadmill.

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maggie22 maggie22

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Originally Posted by maggie22
Just settled last 2 Chase accounts, total Bal 23K settled at .196%....:D

Maggie, that's great. I love to hear about settlements :) Great job on your patience and persistence!

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Maggie what % did you offer them to to start your process?

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