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I just figured things out this afternoon and I thought I had longer to pay on 2 payday loans that were with a CA. It turns out that they will be taking their last payments on May 29th!!! :D So both hubby's and mine will be paid in full to check n go. And the lady I have been working with on these said she has to wait 2 weeks to make sure the payment clears and she will send out our paid in full letters!!! WoooHoooo!!!

Then we will only have hubby's Advance America one left and there are only 3 payments left on that one. I pay them every other week. So by the end of June we will be payday loan free!!!! Then I am going to have a party at the cabin :wink:

Can you tell I am excited? lol

congrats on your accomplishment...i would be singing in the streets too..keep it going..

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congrats! i cant wait to be signing your song!

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dental0828 dental0828

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congratulations! it feels good knowing you are reaching the finish line with these PDLs ....I recently did the same and feel such relief.....way to go :)

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Oh yes it really does feel good. But am kinda tired of this after 2 years of dealing with them. The light is getting pretty bright, so I know I am almost out of the tunnel :wink:

TY Guest, you know I will be singing really loud next month lol

TY Dental, if you keep at it you will get there soon :)

WTG cheekla, you know I will never go to one again. This is one mess I don't want to clean up anymore.

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puddlejmpr puddlejmpr
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Puddle "ON SONG"! Happy to Hear :D

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Jason Jason

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Done! With the help of Progressive Loan Assistance...I am now PDL FREE! I have recieved all 4 of my PIF letters. Yeah! I feel like such a weight has been lifted. So nice not to have to worry about that any more. Learned a huge lesson. Haven't even been tempted to use them again, even though I've gotten emails to get more money...NOT! NEVER!

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dental0828 dental0828

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