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My first settlement, my citi mastercard had been turned over to capital managment, it was about 120+ days behind.

I'm unable to make a lump sum payment but if I could I would have gotten it at 33%. So we settled on 40%, with payments over 9 months, which is doable for me.

I will slowly start to settle others, i have about 12 more, another citi, I called and they no offer, they're somewhere b/w 90-120 days.

i actually made payments for october on most of my accounts, so Im good for a while and going to try to save up.

I think have a lump sum to offer them immediately is a good negotiation strategy. The other citi account is my 2nd biggest at close to 11k, the rest are lower and I should be able to pay those in lump sum if I do things right.

I appreciate the input here!

I will suggest you to negotiate with the creditor for your second debt once again and check out if they are ready to offer you a payment plan. In case they don't agree to it, then you can contact a debt relief company and take their help to settle the debts.

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